AlumierMD Chemical Peels

Glow Peel, AHA, BHA, ½ JESSNER

60min | $130 – $160 each  | $360+ for a  series of 3 (autumn/winter) | Fitz 1-4

These are Professional Clean Science Peels and improve the reactions with your skin. Superficial and Medium depth or deeper depth depending on the layers of application & formulations with a Prescription Strength Delivery System. Targeting a ph of 2.8 – 3 to established a breakdown of the epidermis is our goal.  No fairy dusting with AlumierMD. Clean Science at its best, free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum. Mineral oils, fragrance, dyes artificial fillers or animal testing. LUV! Alumier’s result oriented formulations and innovation in new technology to impact an improvement in skin tone & texture for your skin.   Everyone’s skin is unique to them which means that one product regime does not suit all. Not all skins will peel or should this be your indication of the depth of penetration.

We target skin types like dry, normal, combination & oily.

Skin conditions like rosacea, sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Using AHA, BHA, & Resorcinol Combination our peels lower the ph., disolve (desmosomes) the bond between dead cells & living cells, inducing exfoliation & stimulate new cells growth. This will improve thicken your epidermis, increase volume in your dermis & stimulate collagen and will reveal a smoother skin texture & tone, a healthy radiant complexion. The increase in hydration levels aids in better absorption of active ingredients.

NOTE: Only Fitzpatrick types I – IV with my chemical peels are performed as over this Fitzpatrick scale excess pigmentation can be brought to the surface.

All will require a patch test to ensure safety for all skin types.

Please review pre and post treatment care instructions

Keep your skin strong & sturdy with these collagen & elastin boosting series of AlumierMD peels that will take your skin through the decades. Addressing intrinsic & extrinsic aging.

  • Requires a commitment
  • Increased vulnerability to free radicle damage
  • Collagen and elastin in production slows down
  • Increase in TEWL and decrease sebum levels
  • DNA damage from melanocytes cause increase discolouration

NEW! BioRePeelC13

The BioRePeelCI3  is a Game Changer for a new aria in Med-Aesthetics Treatments for a plethora of skin conditions. Its formulation is safe, immediate and has an unexpected short downtime.

Please review our
Pre- and Post-Treatment Guidelines

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Our VIP  Members-Only packages help you reap the cumulative benefits and manage the cellular turnover that naturally happens to our skin as we age.

Skin types: dry, normal, combination & oily.
Skin conditions: rosacea, sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.