$135 5 – 8x a year or in a series of 3 for best results 1 Hour
$50when added onto other services

A series of 3 works excellent and long lasting when done in 4 to 6 week intervals.

Using a 10R Surgical blade to exfoliate the stratum corneum of dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and vellus hair.  This is not a facial shave; it goes much deeper of elimination.  The skin is much more smooth and glowing, the hydration level is enhanced reducing dull dry sun damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles and light pigmentation. Most will have little irritation or adverse reaction. Some short side effects can be swelling, soreness, tingling and light inflammation for 48 hrs. As we are removing vellus hairs and not terminal hairs they will not grow back thicker nor darker.  Retinal or tretinoin caution and in some instances refrain from these ingredients for a few days.  Avoid direct sunlight for several days’ post treatment as you will be more sensitive to UV reactions. Dermaplaning can be done every 4-6 weeks.

A beautiful add on to HydraFacial Treatments, DMK Revisions, CBST  to enhance your treatment penetration. Rosacea and sensitized skins will love this addition.