Ready for a highly effective non-invasive way to treat and remove unwanted skin lesions?

Using a small sterile probe to quickly (3-5sec.) & effectively remove minor skin irregularities. The treatment being quick it uses heat to draw the blood towards the heat source to vaporizes the moisture found in the skin cells causing them to dry up and ultimately fall off until the lesion is cleared. Although this treatment may need to be repeated several times for optimal results and to clear an area of concern. Most appointments are booked in 15 min intervals to work within comfort levels.   Although a quick recovery time, most clients resume their normal activates with 24 hrs. some clients may experience some scabbing, slight redness which are temporary and will subside within a few days

Starting at $35+  depending on lesions the volume of lesions being treated & or size plus the location of the lesion are all factors considered when pricing service.

  • Pricing will not be quoted over the phone                                        
  • Please note this is non-invasive Med-Aesthetics procedure and takes time to heal. You will see a positive change in the appearance of treatment area within the week however; healing can take up to 3 weeks sometime 6+ weeks.
Skin Tags, fibroma, cholesterol deposits, cherry angioma, sebaceous keratosis, telangiectasia, broken capillaries, rosacea, milia, clogged pores.   

Cholesterol Deposits

Broken Capillaries 

Fibroma on Face


Clogged Pores



Skin Tags

Seborrheic Keratosis