C’Shell Advanced Med-Aesthetics uses multiple treatments that employ (DPC) Dynamic Pulse Control technology thermo-electric skin cooling, unique pulse settings and high treatment efficiency while maximizing clients safety & comfort levels.

Services Available:

  • DPC SR (Skin Rejuvenation)   
  • VP & VP2 (vascular lestions)   
  • PL (pigmented lesions)

Laser time to target Texture, Pigmentation & Vascular Lesions, broken capillaries, spider veins, poikiloderma, telangiectasia, erythema, rosacea, couperose, dyschromia, wrinkle reduction, enlarged pores, orange peel, fine lines, mottled pigment, solar lentigens, sun damage, loss of elastin and dull complexion.

  • 30 – 45 min
  • Series of  2 – 6   (monthly) or  3 weeks apart

Photothermolysis is #1 performed laser service besides laser hair removal. DPC Dynamic Pulse Control rebuilds cellular structure and requires time, it is not instant. Neocollagenesis works in 30 – 60 – 90 days’ sections of time. Brightening on the skin and clearing up or improving the cell integrity over time. These controlled wounds effect skin layers, then gradual stimulation new living skin & collagen remodeling.

When inflammation is present in the skin it is difficult to repair other structural issues. So repairing vascularity is key step to your success. The SR will start the healing cascade effect from deep inside to the outside.  Pigmentation is part of your skins immune system and function in the skin cells to protect you from harmful UV invaders. Although unpleasant in appearance, some of these can turn if left untreated to cancer cells. So eliminating them gives a healthy approach to your skin. Lastly targeting skin texture issues to even out and smooth the intrinsic structure boosting collagen & elastin in a wound healing effect from inside out. These treatments are only repeated once in 3 weeks or in a month, skin takes time to rebuild itself. Results are cumulative over the time.

*VP2 535 hits the spot so to speak! Pigmented and vascular lesion that are sun damaged spots as opposed to masses. I use this hand piece to really zone in on your personal issue

This treatment is in “the POD” style service in addition to other treatments or it can be done on its own.

Vascular Lesions
Rosacea – Face (erythema)$299
Rosacea – Cheeks/Nose$199
Capillaries – Nose$125
Couperose – Cheeks$125
Telangiectasia – Spot$50
Poikiloderma (mottled redness)$199 – $249
Pigmented Lesions
Hand Sun Spots$149
Face Sun Spots$225
Single Spots (1-3)$49
Multiple Spots (4-9)$99
Multiple Spots (10+)$199
Skin Rejuvenation
Lower Arms$149