LED Light Therapy (Blue, Red, Infrared)   

Stand alone treatment30 min or 1 hour$130
Combined in a CBST30-45 min$45-$120

NASA does it again, way back in the 50’s 60’s was developed for aerospace technology inspired by light and proven by science.  Light therapy is again non-invasive and without the use of any chemicals or harmful UV side effects. Stimulates collagen and elastin when used on a regular basis and with enough units of energy. During our treatments LED is used to help speed up healing & a cascade of metabolic events that penetration with micro circulation, RED light (640nm) for age management, healing and product penetration or BLUE light (465nm) killing of the P. acne bacteria.  345 Diodes generate repair and Infrared (880nm) effecting with the mitochondria and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is the fuel the drives all cells. LED feels amazing, it is not only relaxing and very calming but stacked with other modalities it reduces inflammation and speeds up the healing time.

Boost fibroblast to stimulate collagen production and plump the skin helping with fine lines, wrinkles or even sun damage. Best when done in a series of treatment with 3 per week over 4 weeks

Mostly used for Acne and Healing of Post Inflammatory and killing of the P. acne virus and reducing sebum or assisting with sebaceous filament in the skin.

Cell Regeneration never looked so good, improving micro circulation and oxygen rich blood for the healing response, the improvement in bruising quicker and easing deep tissue discomfort