$39920-30 day apart
$897 ($299 Each) in a series of 320-30 day apart


Dull uneven complexion, revitalization of complexion, Vit B1,B3,B5, B6, ascorbic acid, niacinamide,  Silanetriol, Sodium Hyaluronate,  Pyridoxine, Panthnol.


All ages, smooth glow, smokers, sun exposure, lines, wrinkles, eye area.  Sodium Phosphate, Sodium hyaluronate. Disodium phosphate, meso filler.


A chemical peel is excellent prior to.   Correction and brightening for eye area on the face, neck, hands, decollate.  Ascorbic acid, glutathione, vit B3, niacinamide.

MESO Therapy is non-invasive & combines a bespoke cocktail of vitamins, minerals, stem cells, peptides & plant extracts which are stamped into the superficial layers of your skin, to rejuvenate tighten and smooth out the skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation and skins dealing with lack of hydration or fine lines & superficial wrinkles that need to be targeted to improve upon the overall appearance of the skin. When Meso is performed around and under the eyes it can also enhance other treatment modalities. Target dark circles, discoloration as well as the fine lines, superficial wrinkles and giving a well rested appearance.  Meso can also aid in sluggish blood circulation aiding in a flush out of toxins. The “Lit-from-within” skin glow as it is know for. Another choice for someone who wants to target the small areas around the eyes and mouth.

Using  .5 – 1 mm depth Gold pins or meso needles to deliver your stem cells and repair the breakdown in the collagen fibers in a spot treatment method. To ensure your comfort level numbing is done prior to treatment.   

As treatments are cumulative, for best results repeated in 3 – 6 sessions 2/4 weeks apart. Results with this program can last for 6 months or a times possibly even 12 months. Some top up treatments may be required.

Avoid direct sun light exposure, tanning beds, hot tub, saunas, jacuzzis and massage for post treatment and during the time skin is healing.                                                 

  • +POD Lymphatic Drainage to remove the toxins and excess fluids prior to treatment
  • +POD LED Light Therapy – Red  / Blue
  • +POD dermaplaning  

Waiting 72 hrs before these can be added to program +POD IR  RF SR