Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)     

NOTE: numbing cream is used for your comfort level

$395 / session90 Minutes3-6 Sessions
$975 Series of 3 ($325 / session)90 Minutes 

Add Ready Medical Growth Factors: $425 ea series 3 for $1099 

Add on PODS with RF + IR

Acne Scars are reduced, texture like orange peel is refined, pigmentation for uv damage is lifted, thinning skin is plumped, loss of tone is tightened , wrinkles are refined, lines are reduced, stretch marks can be tightened up or eliminated.

The E-Dermastamp from Germany set the standard over 10 years ago using the highest quality medical grade sterile needles with the 1st and only FDA Certified Professional Needling Treatment for CIT. Tiny sterile pins create micro channel controlled wounds to induce a healing response not unlike a skin wound from trauma that requires a healing cascade to happen. However; our needling is controlled with precise wounds eliminating  reckless tearing of the skin and the improvement of remodeling and induction of collagen and elastin. Ideally for improvement of structural integrity, going 1.5 mm into the skin.  The healing response appears as more refined, stronger, smoother and visible more youthful skin with a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, scar reduction and softening of stretch marks is seen.

At C’Shell LED light therapy is added to enhance your healing effects.

These treatments are best done in a series to see full results and can be repeated 6 to a year later to continued age management.