Dynamic Intelligent Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Let’s take you face to the gym, tightening your muscles with our Neurotris Dynamic Intelligent Microcurrent technology. The 3rd generation in Neurotris technology, integrated with an impedance monitor that uses multi-channel waveform morphology, optimum microcurrent voltage, unmatched by other devices.

The Neurotris helps to slow down the natural loss of collagen and elastin. Improving ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production which is the main source of energy in a cell. Essential for the renewal and stimulation of collagen & elastin synthesis. Volume, firmness of the skin is improved, fighting skin laxity, diminishes fine lines, creases in wrinkles, revitalizes and building luminosity and hydrates the skin, resulting in a smoother, brighter more oxygenated appearance.

While research suggests the microcurrent stimulation has several benefits including wound healing, reducing inflammation, plumping and improving muscle function. The improved blood circulations from ATP are imperative for the skin, as it depends on the oxygen rich blood to take away waste and carbon dioxide that the face no longer needs.

The trick behind Neurotris, is the cumulative effects for your jawline, lifting the depressor muscle, softening lip lines, sculpting the cheeks, lifting the brow, & tightening the forehead.

Considered a “non-surgical facelift”.

With age the muscles in the face become weak and this leads to sagging skin. It is important to keep the muscles engaged in order to keep them strong. Microcurrent skin conditioning shows immediate results that peak on the third day and last about 3 – 6 weeks. The cumulative effects shows the difference over the long term if you continue a treatment series or program and follows with maintenance as we don’t stop ageing.

Enjoy no pain, no downtime & noninvasive from this treatment option. Its actually a very comfortable treatment and you can at times, feel your muscles at work. Strengthening and tightening.

Some combination examples include patented:

  • 4 prong pico probes
  • silver sculpting gloves
  • photon probes
  • infinity probes
  • ion glips

Contra indications: pregnant (not tested on), Accutane (post 6 months), skin cancers, heart condition or pacemaker, any neurostimulator, metal implants, uncontrolled diabetics, epilepsy, post infectable (wait 2 weeks), some bridge work of excess fillings.

ServicePriceDurationSeries OptionSeries PriceFrequency
Neurotris Face and Neck Sculpting$25090 minseries of 10$1990(bi weekly or weekly)
Silver Sculpting Gloves$19960 minseries of 10$1750(bi weekly or weekly)
Ion glips with LED add on$5015 min

Can be added to a Custom Blended Skin Treatment, HydraFacial, JetPlasma, Mesotherapy.