Face and Body contouring Remodeling   
Face, Neck, Jowls$125 – $199ea8 Treatments
Body – Chest, buttocks, arms, legs (inner outer thigh) abdomen$150 – $375eaUp to 16 Treatments
  • 20-30 min on the face and up to a max of 60 minutes on the body
  • 1x or 2x a week to build the structure then Monthly or Bi-Monthly for maintenance

Contours, lifts and plumps, making skin appear firmer. The primary reason to use RF is skin laxity, to reduce wrinkle depth, fine lines and overall loss of tone, combined with IR results are more effective and longer lasting, when done in your recommended series. (researched reported 96% positive results after a treatment series with consistent home care prescriptive) . Best with mild to moderate ageing concerns.

Body RF can focus on Cellulite, loose skin, loss of tone and elasticity.

RF creates dermal heating or thermal damage like a warm message to increase tissue temperature. An effective non-ablative & non-invasive therapy to boost the contouring of your skin in the face and body. Using Multi-polar & Bi-polar technology, rapid passes of RF heat oscillating electrical currents through your tissues with our multiple hand piece choices. No downtime is needed as we contour your cells. Fats and cellulite reduction are targeted for small body areas.  Some erythema and edema is to be expected but not last long after this process, it will subside within a few hrs. to next day.  Adjustments are made for your comfort level with the heat.  Collagen and elastin once again are targeted with the heat and results after your series can last 6 months to 1 year depending on your maintenance and a daily skin care prescription. The skin will appear smoother immediately after just one treatment.

Beautiful when done in tandem with Microneedling, DMK, CBST and other minimal invasive treatments. See “PODS” to combine therapies