We have to have a starting point and when you book a consultation we get to go over all that is YOU!

Your concerns, objectives, and goals will all be addressed so we get the right picture and a direction we are heading together.

This appointment should take approx. 30 min

  1. Bring with you all your vitamins, mediation, and skincare products so we can break it all down if the target is already there
  2. Check in on water consumption daily
  3. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors, hormonal balance, life style, stress, genetics, environmental factors and general activities
  4. You daily diet will be considered
  5. Then a treatment plan will be established with an outline of your professional and at-home plan.

Our mission

Over the last 36 years in the industry, we have learned a lot about our clients at C’Shell. State of mind can really play a significant roll towards your success and we want to support you to feel like we are the best decision you’ve made to partner with for your results. My passion is to give you the best quality treatments and connection you deserve to move forward with success and what that looks like to you.

My clients are my success formula. I want us to grow together and know our journey will be fun and
rewarding inside and out. Rewards come with our time together, whether it be for Customized Skin Care Treatments, or Cosmetics likes Lash Extension or Skin Care Cosmetics, IPL photo facials and Laser Hair removal, even brows & waxing. The Internal supplementation and all the other services I offer here at C’Shell I hope our platform of services work for you. Let’s book a consultation and have our 1st step towards success.


Cost: $75

The fee is waived at the time of Booking a Treatment or reimbursed as I really prefer to just build a partnership toward your success.


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