Discover what lies beneath.

$901 hour

Observe is a state of the art skin analysis device that assists dermatologist, aestheticians and clinicians alike with accurate skin condition diagnostics at both the epidermal and dermal layers.

Equipped with eight comprehensive observation modes for both the skin professional and client to study irregularities in great detail and discuss the best course of treatments to return the skin to balance. When we can get accurate visuals it allows us to follow a treatment program that works and tracking with impressive side-by-side comparisons over time.

The interactive approach, combined with clearly defined visual evidence.

Daylight mode

Visible in natural daylight environment

Surface Texture

For textural topography


Skin tone irregularities like UV damage, pigmentation, melasma, and general color variations and depth into the dermis.


Microvascular structure in the skin and visible flushing and inflammation

Parallel Polarised

Enhance surface face lines, micro-relief, wrinkles, texture and pore congestion depth

Cross Polarised

Suppresses surface shine for an unobstructed view of the dermal structure, vascular lesions, and pigmentation

True UV

Skin abnormalities on the surface and deeper in dermal layers, creating distinguishable fluorescence patterns and depth of damage to be lifted

Simulated Woods Light

For dimensions like depth of dehydration, dryness, dehydration and oil secretions.

  • Perfect when combined with your skin consultations and health analysis
  • When you bringing in your current skin program it can help see if there are gaps in your system
  • Fees waived for subscriptions and memberships purchases

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