6-8 treatments | 3-4 weeks apart | Expected time to see revision here is up to 6 months’ post treatment

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Decollate
  • Body
  • Stomach
  • Thighs inner/outer
  • Arm jiggly
$199 – $250Face area
$300 – $450Body
Prices vary depending on location Vermaderm infrared Skin Tightening, is a light based technology focused on heat.  like puling saran wrap around the issue. I am targeting at an 850-1750mm depth into the reticular level of your skin just above the subcutaneous fat.  Gravity and cell structure gets tired over time and with the loss of cellular integrity, elastin becomes like an old rubber band & a break down and loose bounce, sponginess and flexibility. Infrared technology uses wavelengths to heat up the skin and penetrate in 5mm right to the targeted areas. So the heat or warmth is actually a very comfortable feeling. If not comfortable the parameters adjusted to your level of comfort. The heat targets the water in your deeper layers of skin so it is essential to drink lots of water to ensure better results. The volumetric heating causes the collagen polymer to tighten skin laxity in face, cheeks and neck areas due to the neocollagenesis (build-up of collagen). These cascade of healing tightens firms and gives a bouncier youthful feel and look in the skin 70-80% of clients will see a significant or moderate change with this process depending on state of issues and age to start the treatment. Best results are achieved when clients follow their full Home prescriptive and complete their series consistently.