Biphasic Innovative Technology

Don’t judge me by the name here, BioRePeelCI3 won’t put any social plans on hold

A “no sheet peeling,” peel,  BioRePeelCI3 works from the inside out. Pain free, no downtime, no numbing, needle free & zero to minimal shedding with the buffer formulation it’s great for all skins even those reactive ones, BRP can be done all year long with no seasonal restrictions as it does not create photosensitivity

The pharmaceutical grade BioRePeelCI3 comes from Italy and hit the market in Europe in 2015. Creating quit the stir for its patented advanced formulations, being all the rage in the Cellular renewal industry.  C’Shell has imported it right here, in Port Dover, Canada. At this stage we no longer need to peel the skin for it to be effective. BioRePeelCI3 gets to the root of the issue and assists in pushing it up and out for significantly longer lasting results.


Why BioRePeelCI3?

For its INNOVATION and the Biphasic formulation of 35% – 50% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) complex of 15+ active ingredients, removing the bond between the cells and corneocytes, the rich amino acids and peptide, vitamin combination creates a healthy chemical reaction within the skin exfoliating away the old + stimulating fibroblasts to amplify new collagen and elastin messengers to respond producing a strengthen skin with a beautiful healthy glow.

The BioRePeelCI3  is a Game Changer for a new era in Med-Aesthetics Treatments for a plethora of skin conditions. Its formulation is safe, immediate and has an unexpected short downtime.

Let BRP speak for itself give it a try on your next apt. or for best results a series 3 – 6 (6 being best value) scheduled 7-10 days apart or add onto combination therapy by enhancing other treatments

Amplify your results by adding in combination therapy of *PROFosma Jet Plasma, Microneedling, Nanoneedling and even BIOSkin Mesotherapy of SERA an award winning 14 amino acid combination, Succinic acid, Mozuku Seaweed, Arginine, Ferulic Acid, Safranal to name a few.

Number of SessionsFaceFace & Neck 
4$1,100$1,500With Home Care
5$1,350$1,850With Home Care
6$1,600$2,100With Home Care

BRP targets: uv damage, blemished, oily to acute acne stage, all over skin rejuvenation for aging skin, smoothing skin texture from lines and wrinkles, scarring, rosacea, enlarge pores, managing Melasma and hyperpigmentation, even keratosis pilaris sees improvement.

The Triple Threat Treatment Option   

3 for $2500   2.5 – 3 hrs

PROFosma Jet Plasma + BioRePeelCI3 + Sera Mesotherapy

Combination Therapy is where it’s at, standard protocol no longer is acceptable.  If you think you’re ready to elevate your routine then advance you level of expectations. If you know, you know, you already are loving the Jet Plasma and seeing just what BioRePeelCI3 can change take it another step further by adding the Sera Mesotherapy sessions. Cocktails of 50+ ingredients of pure gold to nourish, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

For anyone with high level platinum expectation for their skin, Triple Threat maybe calling your name.

Caution is advised as once you have the Triple Threat your standards will change in Skin Health treatments.

Soon to come to membership section for existing clients already experiencing C’Shell treatments

Advanced Treatment Options


3: $1,050
5: $1,400
8: $2,200
  • Jet Plasma
  • Viktoria DeAnne Peptide messengers


3: $1,500
5: $2,300
8: $3,500
  • Jet Plasma
  • BioRePeel


$2,500 (3)
  • Jet Plasma
  • BioRePeel
  • Sera Mesotherapy